Hello! I'm Sam!

I am a web developer based in Bolton in the UK. I create all sorts of things which end up on the internet. I have been intrigued on how websites work since a young age and I have been creating my own ever since.

Here's what I've done

Cryptocurrency TrackerJuly 2018

My first ReactJS app. A cryptocurrency tracker that displays the latest values of dozens of cryptocurrencies.

MegaMatch.liveMay 2018

A football live scores website displaying live match information for multiple leagues across the world.

/u/BWFCBotJuly 2017

A reddit bot which posts live match updates on all Bolton Wanderers matches to the /r/BWFC subreddit.

AsteroidsJanuary 2017

A remake of the classic game Asteroids in Javascript using p5.js.

abbydarlinart.comNovember 2016

A website I created for a very talented artist.

colourscheme.clickJune 2016

A website with over 100 colours from various companies around the world.

arethereroadworksonboltonroad.co.ukApril 2016

My longest domain. A website which checks if there are roadworks on the A6 in Chorley in real time.

djronbolton.co.ukAugust 2014

A website I made for a good friend of mine on his mobile DJ business.


How you can get in touch

One of the easiest ways you can get hold of me is by giving me a shout on Twitter - @_sambunting. But if you want to write me something more professional, send me an email to hello@sambunting.biz.

This website was created by Sam Bunting using ZURB Foundation 6. Source code is available on GitHub